20 Jan, 2012 in Washington DC
National Portrait Gallery and American Art - Washington DC (18).JPG

Washington DC has some superb museums to keep you busy. Some serve as obvious musts for incoming tourists and some are perhaps a bit more off the usual itineraries and are located a bit further away from the central Washington DC Mall.   Since I was naturally drawn to Washington's Chinatown area, not too far […]

10 Jul, 2008 in Taiwan Blogosphere
the Taiwan blog search

IMHO, Taiwan blogs have the best English content about Taiwan. When I’m looking for something, like a travel destination, blogs are the first place I go to. This is why back in Q4/2006 I introduced the Taiwan blog search. It allows a quick search through over 400 Taiwan blogs. I haven’t updated the list …

16 May, 2008 in Education in Taiwan

Taiwan’s business schools are on a race to get the business school AACSB accreditation. It’s a good goal for the Taiwanese universities to pursue, something on the grounds of – how did some professor put it – business schools ISO. The international students I know that are studying in Taiwan, be that Taipei, Xinzhu, …

17 Mar, 2007 in Taiwan
Taiwanderful - the wonderful Taiwan guide

Taiwanderful is an English community website about Taiwan and Taiwanese culture, aiming to encourage the development of useful information in English about Taiwan.   I am delighted to invite you all to visit and take part in a new community website dedicated to Taiwan called “Taiwanderful – the Taiwan guide”. Most people who know me …

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