16 Jan, 2012 in Shenzhen
Israeli Restaurant in Shenzhen : Ahava

Another surprising discovery. After the new Israeli Falafel place I found in Guangzhou, a friend told me I should go over to Shenzhen to visit a newly opened Israeli restaurant. I was somewhat skeptical, expecting this to be a "middle-eastern" restaurant probably with either Turkish or Egyptian owners/chefs, but as I arrived in Shenzhen’s Shek-O […]

14 Feb, 2011 in HK Events
Hong Kong Israeli Film Festival 2011

Beginning of 2011 Hong Kong hosted the Israeli Film Festival with a few Israeli movies showing around cinemas in Hong Kong . It was very surprising to me that Hong Kong locals would be interested in movies from Israel, it’s even surprising to me that they would be interested in Israel, period. But they came, […]

Harucon 2009-71.jpg

So far, I’ve been to two major Cosplay events. The first was in NCKU-Tainan-Taiwan (1, 2, 3, 4), and the second in Comic World in Hong Kong SAR (1, 2, 3). I’ve always wondered what an Israeli Cosplay event would look like, and a few weeks ago I finally found out.  Scary scary stuff. I […]

20 Aug, 2008 in Israel

There are endless blogs about Israel in English, but this one’s worth a special mention, and is relevant to a blogger conference I’m suppose to go to in Jerusalem this week. Benji Loviit, who writes the “What war zone?” blog seeks love with some traditional looking girls around Jerusalem in “Tu B’Av The Israeli …

The Israeli “Noodle” Movie – A journey to take a lost Chinese kid back to Beijing

Being away from Israel I haven’t heard about this film coming out, but luckily, I stumbled across “Noodle” in a nearby DVD rental shop, and how glad I am that I did. (UPDATE March 2009 : After quite a  few emails asking me where they can buy this DVD, I looked it up and turns […]

12 Jul, 2008 in Asia-Israel connections, China
The Chinese Jews : the Kaifeng Chinese integrate in Israel

This is quite a remarkable story of a Chinese Jewish community in Kaifeng-China. Haaretz tells their story with “Taking the Silk Route back home” (found through “Truth from Facts” in Chinalyst): Jin Jin and Nina Wang are students in Hebrew University’s preparatory program. They will soon commence their BA studies, …

27 May, 2007 in China

The Israeli travel magazines have been giving a lot of attention to China lately, some with video-blogging of culture, people and scenery. From Arutz Teva Hadvarim (טבע הדברים, “Things Naturally channel” in Hebrew) : Beijing   The Great Wall and Beijing markets   The 9 villages valley   Northern …

23 Apr, 2007 in Israel

It’s strange, but it seems that fiLi’s world was nominated for the Israeli Blog Award in the “Best Large Israeli Blog” category. Best? large? (… Israeli? ;) ) What’s interesting is that the English Israel blogosphere, which I know a little through the Israeli version of Chinalyst, has always been about Israeli politics - which is something I […]

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