20 Jan, 2012 in Washington DC
National Portrait Gallery and American Art - Washington DC (18).JPG

Washington DC has some superb museums to keep you busy. Some serve as obvious musts for incoming tourists and some are perhaps a bit more off the usual itineraries and are located a bit further away from the central Washington DC Mall.   Since I was naturally drawn to Washington's Chinatown area, not too far […]

1 Oct, 2011 in Toronto
Bata Shoe Museum Toronto-2.JPG

Didn’t have much time to visit all the wonderful museums that Toronto has to offer, so when I asked for a recommendation to something more special I was directed to Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum. It is, as you’ve probably guessed from the name, about shoes – or “footware” – with collections from different cultures, places […]

2 Apr, 2008 in Taiwan

It never ceases to amaze me the things I find around Tainan, and those two places I visited this Sunday in the middle of no-where countryside Tainan County were just unbelievably remarkable. I’ll start with the first one. How Taiwan, a country the size of Israel with a sensitive political situation, has been able to […]

2 Jul, 2006 in Taiwan
David on Formosa

There's no describing the feeling I get when reading posts and watching photos from Taiwan. I admit I'm totally addicted. Of the wonderful collection of Taiwanese wai4guo2ren2 blogging I saw there are few in particular that I'd like to mention. – First up, and the obvious one of them all, is Michael Turton's …

19 Nov, 2005 in Taiwan

Things that you notice: TV – Business channels. Lots of channels all discussing the various stock markets around the world with very detailed information.TV – We call them “boob channels”, advertising 24×7 how to help the Chinese ladies increase their bust size with all kinds of techniques. Super funny.Fashion – You think you’ve seen mini-skirts […]

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