22 Jan, 2012 in HK Culture & Life

In the spirit of the lovely trend of "Shit girls say…" or "Shit people say…" I sat down for a few minutes to quickly write down some of the shit HK people have said to me over the duration of my stay here on more than one occasion. It's a very long list, but I […]

25 Jun, 2008 in Israel, Taiwan

Surely, it isn’t the only aspect, and reverse culture shock keeps coming at me everytime I come back to Israel. Most things I can deal with, I just take a deep breath and find refuge in happy happy thoughts (:P), but it still surprises me everytime that I need to readjust to things I …

19 Oct, 2007 in Taiwan

It is my own medical expert opinion that foreigners in Taiwan, even those who are not working or studying very hard, are usually in a constant state of almost dangerous exhaustion. The symptoms are everywhere. Although most of us try to deny that by showing a mask of okayness to the world and maintaining somesort of […]

4 Jul, 2006 in Asian Studies, Conferences
China Conference - China threat modeling

(This is the third and last part to a post started here and continued here) – After the speech by the Chinese ambassador and the big shots from the US and China it was time for the Israeli team to take over and start all the fun. First up was a person I would …

8 Jun, 2006 in Uncategorized

I’m on the high-way, I’m in my car. The rhythm of the engine pounding beneath me, sound of the wind blowing in my ears, the wheels are in my hands, and I’m dead tired. Out of no where – I hear a loud noise and I suddenly realize the horrible truth that I fell asleep […]

29 May, 2006 in Uncategorized

Off the plane, I catch a taxi with some guy and head to the hotel I previously stay at. I set my things down and head “downtown” for a small walk. Around the main impressive Town Hall, the only decent looking building in this city, I notice a big gathering. I try to ask around […]

11 Apr, 2006 in Uncategorized

- ‘Now! Now!’ cried the Queen. ‘Faster! Faster!’ And they went so fast that at last they seemed to skim through the air, hardly touching the ground with their feet, till suddenly, just as Alice was getting quite exhausted, they stopped, and she found herself sitting on the ground, breathless and …

26 Feb, 2006 in Taiwan

. At the time I couldn’t get it. We were usually both naughty high-schoolers that didn’t spend too much time in the classroom, and when we did – we would usually drift out to other worlds or find something else to do meanwhile class that we were interested in. We used to spend a great […]

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