1 Feb, 2013 in Mobile
Fort Conde - Mobile (4).JPG

Mobile Alabama has quite the colonial history. First the French, then came the British followed by the Spanish and finally it was handed over to the Americans. Fort Conde is a testament of that colonial resume, even though the current Fort Conde is only a restoration after being dismantled by the Americans who built a […]

20 Jan, 2012 in Washington DC
National Portrait Gallery and American Art - Washington DC (18).JPG

Washington DC has some superb museums to keep you busy. Some serve as obvious musts for incoming tourists and some are perhaps a bit more off the usual itineraries and are located a bit further away from the central Washington DC Mall.   Since I was naturally drawn to Washington's Chinatown area, not too far […]

29 Jun, 2008 in Taiwan

It was a while ago that I attended a speech at NCKU given by an American diplomat in Taiwan. The speech title was “An American Diplomat: A Life of Service in the Global Village” as part of an EAGLE lecture series “Envision the World”. It was a very interesting speech, and I was …

14 Mar, 2008 in Movie reviews
The American Betipul - HBO produces the extraordinary Israeli TV show with "In Treatment"

The Israeli “Betipul”, translated as “In therapy” , is one of the best TV dramas I’ve seen. Over a year and a half ago I described how overwhelmed I was with this show. I thought it was so powerful it knocked me off balance and occupied my soul. Even though it’s been a while …

9 Aug, 2006 in Asia, Movie reviews
How to spot a Jap comics

What does it mean to be an Asian? in the "Grace Lee project" – Grace Lee, a very self-aware Korean origin American,  tries to track down other Korean Grace Lees across the US in the pursuit of her own identity. Are all Grace Lees the same? are all Asian American the same? Are all Asians […]

10 Apr, 2005 in Thailand

Different reasons from various people as to why there’s no way I’m Israeli : “It’s your bright blue eyes. They have that in Israel?” “You have a really weird accent, so different than the Israelis’. It sounds like a mixure of British-American-Dutch English”. “All Israelis I’ve seen move around in hordes, usually in big …

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