15 May, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections, China
The Chinese Dead Sea

China’s Dead Sea or Salt Lake, located at Penglai Township in Dayin County of southwest China’s Sichuan province, recently received some Israeli media attention. Turns out the Chinese wanted to visit the dead sea in Israel so badly, they just opened one themselves. It offers salty hot springs, mud bathes, and made to look and […]

14 May, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections, China
Asaf Avidan & the Mojos in Midi Festival 2010 China

Asaf Avidan & the Mojos, one of the more interesting Israeli musicians in the last year or so, have taken part in the Midi Festival 2010 in China. Here’s my translation of Mako.co.il : […] In the last couple of days, Avidan and the Mojos performed in two music festivals in …

11 May, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections
Looking for Zhang Zi Yi – Film by Dagan Shani

Dagan Shani, an Israeli Beijing film academia graduate fluent in Chinese, directed a film by the name Looking for Zi Yi (寻找子怡, xún zhǎo zǐ yí). Here’s a brief synopsis (from here): This is the story of Dagan ,an Israeli guy who lives in Beijing and believe that …

13 Feb, 2010 in Israel
Habonim beach-1.JPG

In my last visit to Israel I went with a friend and his family to do some BBQing in a beach a bit up-north Habonim Beach. It was a lovely little beach, with lots of beautiful nature and sea-life. Most people outside of Israel usually don’t know that Israel has some really terrific beaches. …

22 Sep, 2009 in Israel
Google Tel Aviv-7.JPG

One of my good friends in Israel has been working in Google Israel for quite some time now. When I came to visit him in my recent visit to Israel he took me up to see Google’s Tel Aviv office and the stunning views of southern Tel Aviv. The working environment in Google, as should […]

21 Sep, 2009 in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Old City Rooftop Tour-51.JPG

While shortly visiting my hometown a month back I went on a terrific tour of Jerusalem’s old city called “Jerusalem’s Old City Root Top Tour” showing Jerusalem through walking up to the old city’s well known roof tops that give a slightly different perspective to the city. And so… welcome to Jerusalem’s old city! … […]

27 Aug, 2008 in Jerusalem
Yarid Hotzot Hayotzer - Outdoors arts fair.JPG

The annual Yarid Chutzot Ha-Yotzer was taking place last week in Jerusalem in the beautiful valley between the Jaffa gate of the old city and Yemin Moshe (official link).    Lots of stuff to see and do. Local artists         International artists      (Biggest representation was for China)    Music shows The evening I was […]

26 Aug, 2008 in Jerusalem
Dome of the Rock-1.JPG

It’s been years since I was last there and so much has happened in Israel since. Waiting in line, all waiting with me were tourists. A big Korean group, some Germans and quite a few French folks. No Israelis, though. Swiping my bag through security the guy asks me “What country are you from?” and […]

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