23 May, 2010 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Neve Tzedek - Israel (10).JPG

Neve Tsedek is one of my favorite parts of Tel Aviv, with a special magical charm that’s difficult not to fall in love with. It is a residential area, but there are alot of art galleries, high-quality chic coffee shops, boutique hotels, health food stores, and walking around you can immediately see it has a […]

22 May, 2010 in Israel
Mini Israel - Latrun (51).JPG

Always wanted to see all the attractions in Israel but never had the time? then make the time, because Mini Israel in Latrun will most definitely not help you with that. In one of the most awful tourist traps I’ve ever visited, Mini Israel is everything a tourist attraction of this sort should NOT be. […]

21 May, 2010 in Northern Israel
Mount Meron - Northern Israel 

1208 meters above sea level, Mount Meron is one of Israel’s tallest mountains. On my family tour to northern Israel, we stayed an over-night in the area, and woke up the next day to an unbelievably gorgeous weather and one of Israel’s finest views topped with a fine delicate cream of clouds hovering above. On […]

North Israel & Assaf 

There’ve been complaints, repeating ongoing complaints, that my personal blog rarely has anything personal. Hell, it rarely has any people in it. It’s true, I guess, I do try and maintain my friends’ privacy, but when it comes to my family – there’s no escape. During Easter, I went back from Hong Kong to …

15 May, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections, China
The Chinese Dead Sea

China’s Dead Sea or Salt Lake, located at Penglai Township in Dayin County of southwest China’s Sichuan province, recently received some Israeli media attention. Turns out the Chinese wanted to visit the dead sea in Israel so badly, they just opened one themselves. It offers salty hot springs, mud bathes, and made to look and […]

14 May, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections, China
Asaf Avidan & the Mojos in Midi Festival 2010 China

Asaf Avidan & the Mojos, one of the more interesting Israeli musicians in the last year or so, have taken part in the Midi Festival 2010 in China. Here’s my translation of Mako.co.il : […] In the last couple of days, Avidan and the Mojos performed in two music festivals in …

13 Feb, 2010 in Israel
Habonim beach-1.JPG

In my last visit to Israel I went with a friend and his family to do some BBQing in a beach a bit up-north Habonim Beach. It was a lovely little beach, with lots of beautiful nature and sea-life. Most people outside of Israel usually don’t know that Israel has some really terrific beaches. …

22 Sep, 2009 in Israel
Google Tel Aviv-7.JPG

One of my good friends in Israel has been working in Google Israel for quite some time now. When I came to visit him in my recent visit to Israel he took me up to see Google’s Tel Aviv office and the stunning views of southern Tel Aviv. The working environment in Google, as should […]

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