28 Jan, 2010 in Hong Kong
HK Serviced Apartments - Short-term Family Accommodation

Looking for a serviced apartment short-term option in Hong Kong? I was too. My family was looking into the option of coming to visit Hong Kong for a week, and the university guest apartments were full, so I embarked on a journey of finding out what short-term apartment accommodation options Hong Kong has to offer. […]

26 Jan, 2010 in HK Places
Peninsula Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui HK (25).JPG

Care for some English style tea at British colonial Hong Kong? Head down over to The Peninsula hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui, one of the most well-known and established institutions in Hong Kong.     Is it a gorgeous building. One of the Hong Kong harbour highlights. (check out just how much this costs for […]

2 Jan, 2010 in HK Events
asia game show 2009 155.JPG

Why do people go to game shows? looks like it has little to do with gaming. I mean, that’s there too, but from the few shows I’ve been to it seems it’s mostly meant to show off half naked girls to enthusiastic male teens. Know what? you’re right, they don’t even have to be half […]

31 Dec, 2009 in Hong Kong
Thank you to the Hong Kong blogs

The best source for information about any place you move into is expat blogs. While it’s difficult to find the high quality ones that really offer good info before you arrive at your expatriate destination, you are usually able to form a good reading list within the first year. Before arriving at Hong …

25 Dec, 2009 in HK Culture & Life
Hiking Sai Kung 117.JPG

The girls of China Live China blog asked me to answer a few question about Hong Kong for one of their articles. Following are their questions followed by my answers. 1. What are you doing in Hong-Kong and why did you choose this city? I’m studying for …

13 Dec, 2009 in Hong Kong
Discovery Channel Videos on Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s a fascinating place to live. While I do my best to relay the feeling of what it’s like to live here, there are those who do it much better than I do, capturing cultures and history in a way I could never hope to do on a blog. Discovery Channel, one …

11 Dec, 2009 in HK Places
HKU medical college (11).JPG

I’ve been to Chinese University of Hong Kong, I study in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, but up till two weeks ago, I haven’t really seen Hong Kong University. A friend studying at the Hong Kong University Medical College invited me for a tour of the area. So, you tell me, how …

7 Dec, 2009 in HK Attractions
HK Temple street-12.JPG

Not quite up to the Taiwan night market standards, Temple Street is probably as close as you’ll get to a bustling night market in Hong Kong. The location – between Jordan and Yau Ma Tei MTR stations – isn’t my favorite part of Hong Kong, but it so happens that some of my …

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