Travel Numbness & Decreasing Newness : My Perspective

The issue at hand – travel numbness & a decreasing sense of newness. It’s to be expected, really. No big surprises here, we can all see it coming, and now the question is how we can best deal with it. It’s a tricky one, there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution to this. …

Clockenflap Music Festival 2011 : Hong Kong

Did I already mention Hong Kong’s Clockenflap Music Festival was brilliant? Yeah, time to show you a bit of what went on.     Aside from the lovely Helen Feng and Nova Heart, I saw a few music performances (though sadly only documented a couple), and spent long hours …

10 Jan, 2012 in Shenzhen by Fili An
Tags: building, dancing, folk, job, Lizhi Park, park, Shenzhen
Lizhi Park - Shenzhen (33).jpg

The more I visit Shenzhen, the more I become aware that there are different sides to this city. The local government has done a fair job of building up parks and green next to the endless urban skyscrapers, highways and gigantic shopping malls.   Take Lizhi Park, for example? What's so special about a park […]

8 Jan, 2012 in HKUST by Fili An
Tags: Hong Kong, mainland, phd scholarship, phds, scholarship, university, UPDATE
PhD student = no money

Since it's been a long time since I actually wrote something not travel related, I thought I'd share with you a few musings on a PhD life here in Hong Kong. (photo credit)   [UPDATE few hours after posting] I had a feeling this might come out wrong. After a few concerned messages and emails […]

7 Jan, 2012 in HK Events by Fili An
Tags: helen feng, nova heart, Nova Heart Nova Heart
Clockenflap 2011 - HK (84).JPG

I’m impressed. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this. Hong Kong’s Clockenflap festival was a blast. Almost all of the performances I saw were absolutely brilliant and there were lots of good surprises with regional and international bands that got me searching for their music and mentions online long after the festival was over.   …

5 Jan, 2012 in HK Events by Fili An
Tags: chinese, cultural events, dance, Happy, Hong Kong, New, number
Dragon and Lion Dance Extravaganza - HK - 2012 (20).JPG

Happy new year! hope you had yourselves a grand celebration. In Hong Kong, as usual, we’ve got some of the world’s top festivities. Amazing fireworks, great parties and some nice cultural events. But that’s just a teaser for the real newyears, our newyears, the Chinese New Year :P and we’ll be rocking it this year […]

Shenzhen - China : 6 Days Travel Itinerary

Most people visiting this region target Hong Kong and Macau, as well they should, but contrary to what most people might think, there are also some terrific things to do in the nearby Shenzhen and if you have a few days it’s a city worth visiting. There are some world class theme parks, cultural attractions, […]

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