The Israeli channel 2 morning show recently featured an interview with an English speaking Chinese tour-guide who takes mainland Chinese groups to visit Israel. The short interview provides some insights into how the Chinese see Israel and offers some curious cross-cultural interactions.


Chinese Tourism in Israel–Interview


Here’s the video :

(Hebrew introduction)

A: You’ve been to China?

B: No.

A: Surprising.

B: But I’ve been to the walls of Jerusalem.

A: Among other places in the world. You probably know there are more than a billion Chinese all over the world, many of them are quite wealthy, some travel to west, but they don’t really come to visit us (in Israel).  Only a few come here, and to understand how we could increase the number of visitors here’s an interview we recorded with Wan Chou, or Vicky, a young Chinese tour-guide who guides Chinese groups in Israel.

(Interview conducted mostly in English)

Wan wan : People prefer to go to the “classical” places first, like London, you’re classical but we prefer the bigger destinations first…

One time I bring my family to Israel, they’re very happy with the Israeli weather, and also the people are very nice and also the deadsea, Jerusalem is very nice.

I think you Israeli people are very friendly and hot, warm in the heart, you always want to help the others… Israelis are warm, give you a nice feeling, friend feeling. The Israelis are – how to say – friendly to the Chinese economy, they buy a lot of things in China.

I think you need to do more advertisement to Chinese about how nice Israeli is, because Chinese have illusion about Israel – Boom Boom Balagan (big mess in Hebrew)…

The highlight of the interview was, no doubt, the end of the interview :

B : To conclude… please say a full line in Hebrew, can you?

Wan Wan : a full line? you mean a full sentence? okay… You’re ugly, but I love you anyways.

B: I should have seen that coming.

A: [Slang] Hitting it all the way (or… a home run). [In English] very good, Wan Wan, very good.

B: Why are you laughing? is that so funny to you? :P

A: Excellent.

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  • Augis Barkov

    I am impressed. Very nice and confident girl!
    “Boom boom balagan” was the best.

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