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Not too far away from Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is the grand Yue Xiu Park. Lots is happening in the Chinese parks I visited, but Yue Xiu was the most active of those. The kicking feather ball, or whatever you call that thing, is ofcourse the most popular of them all, having a very clear social role – anyone can cut in and join the group without facing too many social barriers. Other than that, people singing, playing music, dancing, practicing Tai-Chi, playing around, it was very pleasant to watch.

Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park-12.JPG

Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park-18.JPG

Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park-5.JPG


Climbing a lot of stairs to the top…

Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park-2.JPG

is a memorial statue looking out at Guangzhou from above.

Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park-8.JPG


The park itself is nice, though I think the lake needs some urgent maintenance.

Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park-14.JPG

Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park-17.JPG


Crossing the street from Sun Yat Sen Memorial hall to Yue Xiu Park I noticed yet another car accident. While in Guangzhou for a couple of days I saw 3 small car accidents.

Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park.JPG

What is interesting about those car accidents is that they were usually addressed in a very calm manner by both parties, slowly getting out of the car, negotiating whatever needs to be negotiated and solving the issue. In the case of a more crowded street where the police was involved, the other passing cars didn’t make a big fuss of the whole thing, atleast not nearly as much as I would have expected from other places I’ve been to.

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