1 Oct, 2014 in Rome
Castel SantAngelo  Rome Italy (29)

Wasn’t planning to visit Italy, but the conflict in Israel resulted in the Italian airline flying me from Paris to visit my family in Israel refusing to fly to Israel for a few days. I think most Israelis were pretty upset with this unexpected forced vacation, but I didn’t mind, as long as Alitalia was […]

26 Sep, 2014 in Kyoto
Tōfuku-ji Temple  Kyoto (1)

An endless collection of absolutely stunning temples all around Kyoto, it’s a magical city to walk around in with treasures in every street corner. Continuing my temple run is the relatively small and tranquil Tōfuku-ji Temple. The temple itself is free, but there are two gardens that require a ticket to go in, both charming […]

25 Sep, 2014 in France
Château Vaux le Vicomte - France (10)

Adding to my very long list of French European estates visited across France is the Château Vaux le Vicomte, which – if visited – should be combined with the Château de Blandy-les-Tours Castle. It’s only that they’re only a few miles from each other, but I believe that at some point in the relatively recent […]

22 Sep, 2014 in Beijing
The Back Lakes  Beijing (26)

On my recent visit to Beijing I got to revisit the Back Lakes of Beijing during much better weather than my former visit. It was freezing cold, but clear blue skies and this time around – the lakes were frozen, turning the lakes into mirrors and adding to the very impressive effects.   …

16 Sep, 2014 in San Francisco
Redwood Regional Park - Oakland California-010

While visiting Berkeley earlier this year I was surprised to learn that one of my old friends from my good old times in Taiwan is living with her family at the Oakland area not too far away from campus. The next day following a heartwarming reunion, we set off to explore some of the famous […]

14 Sep, 2014 in Southern Israel
Masada Israel (92)

One of Israel’s top tourist attractions,  a spectacular archeological site with a fascinating history, Masada is not to be missed. It’s been many many years since I visited Masada last, and although things are pretty much the same, my perspective and ability to appreciate it have changed allot. Taking more time to go around Israel […]

11 Sep, 2014 in Around Paris
Blandy-les-Tours Castle France (28)

On with the Château run in the area of Paris, I decided I wanted to see something a bit different. A Château that’s older and looks more like a castle rather than a very rich and wealthy estate with endless gardens. The Château de Blandy-les-Tours was just the thing, a medieval castle in the village […]

10 Sep, 2014 in Kyoto
Kyoto International Manga Museum (20)

To take a break from my Kyoto temple/castle run, I made my way into a small yet promising museum – the Kyoto International Manga Museum. I know very little about Manga, but living in Asia it is a phenomenon that’s very hard to ignore, and I believe it’s now very popular world wide. I remember […]

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